Mini Bio

Hi My Name is Nathan Holt. I'm A freshmen at Roger Williams University, and majoring in Web Development. I want to turn this into a career, and hope to be successful so that I may be in a position that I really love. Throughout the website you will see that I work on different web projects, but I also have different hobbies/interests that I love outside of Web. To find out more go to my Artifacts page, to contact me either go to the bottom of this page or go to the contact page for more. Enjoy!

Conservation Website Mockup

Conservation mock up website

This website was for a company, called Berlin Conservation. They wanted a new modern website feel, compared to their old run down one. A team that consisted of me and a few others made mock versions of what we thought the website should look like. We all showed them our versions and they chose which one they wanted for their complete website. My mock was unfortunately was not chosen, but their website was designed by a good friend of mine back in high school. I'm to have been apart of this expierence, because it was my first outside client for web.

Web Project 2 (The Greatest Showman)

website 2

This class assignment was for a fictional character. Now I know P.T Barnum was a real character, but I did on the movie "The Greatest Showman". The reason why I did this, was because it was loosly based on real life, and it is one of my favorite movies I knew so much about. This was just testing to see if we could make a full functioning website about a fictional character or about us. It consists of unordered lists, and a form.

High School Portfolio

This was a major project that lasted three years. It really resembles this project. It was a portfolio about us, and what we achieved throughout the passed years. This filled up most of our time in my passed shop, this was my pride and joy at the time. Now this project actually on the web is now my pride and joy. I hope you can see the improvements briefly by looking at this picture.